Audience Research

Taking the true measure of your media audiences


If you want credible, high-quality and securely-measured data about your audiences, you probably need us. We are universally known as the industry standard in measuring audiences, having pioneered the field for over 30 years. We cover every media, and work worldwide across multiple cultures and markets to produce some of the largest single-source surveys.
And we bring the qualitative insight to quantitative data that helps you transform deeper understanding into strategic decision-making. Custom solutions are one of our strengths, enabling you to fine-tune your targets and adapt your measurements to specific segments.
And once you’ve understood your audience, we can help you optimize your next ad campaign or policy statement.

Associated Products

  • InfoSys+ Analytics on audiences and viewing habits
  • Return
    Capturing subscriber viewing activity directly from the set top box
  • SyncNow Accurately sync companion devices with TV programs to enrich the TV experience and improve engagement
  • XPert+ Plan more effective TV campaigns