Competitive Intelligence

Building actionable insight from reliable data and perceptive analysis


You’re an advertiser, PR agency, corporate body, government department or NGO. You need to advertise your products and services, understand your markets, learn what your competitors are doing, and also manage your brand or corporate reputation. In a word, you need to compute your global share of voice.
We can bring powerful analytic skills and media experience to this requirement. We are world leader in our field, capable of drawing on huge comparative data sources and the best analytic minds. We work transversally across earned, paid and owned media, and build smart technology solutions customised to your specific profile.
But above all we help you build a marketing strategy that will deliver the business results you expect. Whatever the media you are using today – or will be trying out tomorrow.

Associated Products

  • Ad
    A complete view of advertising effectiveness
  • AdExpress Online portal for advertising investment intelligence.
  • AdScope Fast and easy overview of all the latest ads.
  • Compete
    Beat the competition by understanding your place in the market
  • DirectHEAT Our state-of-the-art sales intelligence service
  • Evaliant Identify your competitor’s web advertising strategy
  • MarketAdvisor Competitive advertising insights for media sellers
  • MoreThanNews Manage and analyze daily news monitoring
  • Stradegy At-a-glance 24/7 overview of the competition
  • XPert+ Plan more effective TV campaigns