Digital Insights

Folding online and mobile into your media mix


As a brand guardian, you may be finding the rapid shift to digital media a discomforting experience. We too had to build a skills base to embrace the online world, so we can probably help you measure your success. For advertisers and agencies, we can integrate digital data into existing media assets so you can clearly assess the value of online activity.
We apply our entire tool kit - analytics, ad monitoring, media mapping, audience behaviour – to capturing the digital experience, and tailor it more closely to your business priorities. And we have a broad base of experience in tracking and analysing specific vertical industries as they move to digital, offering insightful comparisons.
If you find a term like ‘search optimisation’ hard to grasp today, we can probably make it work to your advantage tomorrow.

Associated Products

  • Ad
    A complete view of advertising effectiveness
  • AdExpress Online portal for advertising investment intelligence.
  • AdScope Fast and easy overview of all the latest ads.
  • Compete
    Beat the competition by understanding your place in the market
  • DirectHEAT Our state-of-the-art sales intelligence service
  • Evaliant Identify your competitor’s web advertising strategy
  • futurePROOF Your window on tomorrow’s digital behaviour
  • MarketAdvisor Competitive advertising insights for media sellers
  • MoreThanNews Manage and analyze daily news monitoring
  • Sportscope
    High-scoring insights into the sports market
  • Stradegy At-a-glance 24/7 overview of the competition
  • TGI
    Online consumer audiences and behaviour analysis
  • TGI
    Target Group Index – marketing and media surveys
  • TGI
    Global insight into the lifestyles of young people