Marketing Effectiveness

Making a success of media planning, targeting and measuring


Advertisers, agencies and media owners crucially need to measure the outcomes and value of their brand or product campaigns. That way they can constantly improve their performance. We can provide the skills in media planning, measuring and targeting that give them actionable insight into their marketing effectiveness.
And we can apply this expertise to different communities, countries, industries and media channels. Web site optimization, better print ads, ad impact studies, single source surveys and more form part of our service portfolio.
And because we can compare and analyse performance across a very broad range of cases, we have become a natural leader in the marketplace. Maybe it’s time to check out how effective we are!

Associated Products

  • Ad
    A complete view of advertising effectiveness
  • AdExpress Online portal for advertising investment intelligence.
  • AdScope Fast and easy overview of all the latest ads.
  • Compete
    Beat the competition by understanding your place in the market
  • Evaliant Identify your competitor’s web advertising strategy
  • futurePROOF Your window on tomorrow’s digital behaviour
  • InfoSys+ Analytics on audiences and viewing habits
  • MoreThanNews Manage and analyze daily news monitoring
  • Sportscope
    High-scoring insights into the sports market
  • TGI
    Online consumer audiences and behaviour analysis
  • TGI
    Target Group Index – marketing and media surveys
  • TGI
    Global insight into the lifestyles of young people
  • XPert+ Plan more effective TV campaigns