Brand insight: strategic social media listening in action

We analyse social media alongside news and other data to help provide deeper consumer understanding for our clients.

Our brand insight service uses social media conversations to help answer business questions for marketing, market research, insight and digital teams.

Businesses use our insights to innovate, to shape more relevant messages to communicate with their target audiences and to connect with their consumers.

Using qualitative research techniques at scale, we provide insights around the following areas:

  • Category foresight:  we can contribute to innovation in specific categories and consumer segments with research which identifies new consumer trends, habits, usage and attitudes.

  • Brand health and equity: we look at consumer perceptions of brands, products and competitors across all public social media.  This identifies whether they reflect the right brand promise and positioning.
  • Customer experience and satisfaction: social media is an invaluable source of customer feedback.  We benchmark customer satisfaction, understand customer trust and assess the effectiveness of our clients’ social media CRM.
  • Social media profiling and influence: we identify and map the key groups discussing a brand and category.  We also profile the most influential contributors to help design outreach programmes.

  • Marketing and communications effectiveness: we can improve the reach and impact of marketing spend using pre-campaign insights to develop relevant messages.  We also measure the reach of both online and offline campaigns and the salience of key messages.
  • Reputation: from quick-turnaround crisis insights to ongoing reputation benchmarking, we identify key drivers and highlight potential risks, improving understanding by integrating news and survey datasets with social media mentions.

We employ a highly effective mix of technology and research skills to identify these relevant and meaningful insights.


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