TGI Clickstream

TGI Clickstream

Online consumer audiences and behaviour analysis

TGI Clickstream, for the first time, enables brands and complex consumer targets to be analysed against actual online consumer behaviour. Similarly, with TGI Clickstream, online audiences can now be understood in context well beyond their online behaviour.


With TGI Clickstream, engagement of target consumer groups with individual websites can be evaluated by looking at a variety of metrics, including average number of visits, time spent on site and page views over a specific time period. With over 1,000 websites, sub-domains and sections measured, media owners can, with far greater clarity, differentiate and thus monetize their core sites as well as sub-domains and sections. Such is the depth and breadth of information contained within TGI Clickstream, communications agencies and media owners can build-up a complete picture of website users.


TGI Clickstream was created by connecting metered online consumer behaviour – gathered via Kantar Media’s Compete meter – to the vast breadth and depth of consumer insight available on Kantar Media’s long-established syndicated media and marketing survey, TGI.


TGI Clickstream:

  • Analyse brands against actual online consumer behaviour for the first time, based on one single source study.
  • Understand online audiences beyond their online behaviour
  • Plan and sell against more than 1,000 sites, sub-domains and sections on a level playing field with other media
  • Differentiate with greater clarity the value of audiences that online brands deliver, to maximize inventory value
  • Fine-tune campaigns by evaluating number of visits, time on site and page views

TGI Clickstream

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