TGI Surveys

Why choose TGI Surveys ?

  • Reliable

    Leverage accurate descriptions of the key characteristics of target consumer segments.

  • Business-creating

    Identify new strategies to reach specific target audiences.

  • Valuable

    Insightful information on opportunities for existing and new brands.

  • Cost-effective

    Helps you build more effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

TGI Surveys

Target Group Index – marketing and media surveys

TGI (Target Group Index) is the world’s leading provider of single-source marketing and media surveys.


Our main adult TGI Surveys in the UK dates back to 1969. Today, it provides rich and reliable long-term and in-depth data for over 60 markets worldwide.


You can also benefit from a number of major niche TGI surveys of youth, upmarket, small business, mobile and the internet (in the UK). And don’t miss our harmonized western European study covering a number of countries.

TGI Europa, 2012

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