James Smith, Client Services Executive, Kantar Media, Consumer Intelligence

James Smith

My name is James Smith and I am a Client Services Executive within the Media Owners team at Kantar Media TGI.

I've been with Kantar Media for just over eight months now and am really enjoying the role.

As a new starter at Kantar Media TGI and a recent graduate, I am currently taking part in Kantar Media TGI’s graduate training programme. The programme has been invaluable as it has not only helped develop and hone my skills but also allowed me to see how other parts of Kantar Media and the media industry as a whole operate. The guidance and training provided through the graduate programme have meant that I have always felt supported at Kantar Media.

I have found working at Kantar Media extremely rewarding, I expected my first job out of university to be very restricted with no opportunities to develop but at TGI this is not the case.  Although I have only been on the Media Owner’s team for a relatively short time I am already managing my own clients, arranging meetings and finding new commercial opportunities. The management and direction provided by senior staff members is first class meaning that I never feel that I am being overworked but never like I have nothing to do. The first eight months have gone extremely quickly!

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The Graduate Programme at Kantar Media TGI and Custom is a two year programme focusing on two elements of your life at Kantar Media: your personal development and the qualifications available to you from the Market Research Society.

The course is designed to allow graduates to network and build a support system whilst learning more about their skills and how to enhance them in a work place.