Nicole Allison, Account Manager, Kantar Media, Sport

My name is Nicole Allison and I am an Account Manager within KantarSport.

Nicole Allison

The first half an hour to an hour of a typical morning for me will consist of answering queries and replying to emails, which helps me to prioritise my tasks for the day ahead. I then grab a coffee before logging in to Infosys+ to collect the overnight audience data for any live football or other key events from the previous evening. Many of my clients require daily audience updates, so it is important I deliver this on time and as early as possible.

My role is incredibly varied as I work in all areas of our business from sponsorship, media evaluation, domestic and international audiences as well as market research.  This variety means that I get to work with all members of our team, which is a perfect way of collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience.  Throughout the day I will be in contact with my clients ensuring their needs are met, whether it is in a mid-season report or in a small ad-hoc request. In my role it’s important to be flexible to allow priorities to shift depending on conversations you have with your clients. When you are responsible for several clients, being organised and communicating effectively is absolutely crucial to ensure the service being provided is at its best.

A large part of my job is producing reports and presenting them to my clients. This is another great way of sharing knowledge and getting to really understand my clients’ needs. Every report is tailored to them so really requires knowledge of their business and expectations. As the day comes to an end I make sure that all my deadlines have been met by going back over my to-do list. At the end of each day I will spend 15 minutes making my to-do list, mapping out exactly what I need to do for each client for the following day and outlining any potential issues which need to be addressed.

Outside of work I have a second life – as a student. I’m currently in my second year of a part-time Masters in Sport Management and Football Business. I attend lectures, seminars, conferences and am writing a dissertation around Fan Engagement and Social Media in professional football clubs. In my (very little!) free time I enjoy watching and playing football.