Paul Jones, Panel Admin Team Leader, Kantar Media, Audience Measurement

My name is Paul Jones and I am the Panel Admin Team Leader for Kantar Media Audiences.

Paul Jones

We are responsible for providing the television viewing figures for BARB, a company that includes BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and several other key TV stations.

I have worked for Kantar Media for over 13 years, starting in the post room, and have worked in 4 separate departments across the business.

The department I work in is quite varied and made up of talented individuals, with different skill sets. As different as we are, we do a great job of combining our skills to get the desired results. There is a lot of cross-communication between departments and as well as being very productive it’s always memorable!

An average day starts with updating and checking a lot of spread sheets! Once my entire region has been checked and the information updated in Comtel, I usually move on to my priority list. I do a lot of design work for the department, from questionnaires to user guides. These are updated quite regularly as technology and viewing habits are always changing. We have several innovative methods of collecting our data and our practices need to reflect that.

My proficiency in excel is essential to my role. We are always tying information together from different parts of the business. Along with power point/publisher and other MS applications my computer skills have grown tremendously. A good rapport with panel members as well as colleagues is also key to my role.

As things move forward, like the web meter aspect of programme viewing, monitoring smart phones and tablets, improving technician and panel member communications, we on the BARB project are continuously busy. My ability to improve the working practices of my colleagues over many different aspects is what I’m most proud of.