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A unique, new monitoring and analytics service covering every news and social channel.

Yellow News is designed for clients with a fixed budget that want to track a broad range of topics or issues across all media.

Yellow News covers every news and social channel, giving you everything a journalist, commentator or media outlet writes, blogs or tweets.

Monitor every media channel

Yellow News - Monitor every media channel

A single timeline and live visual analysis of your profile across every news and social channel, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums. Relevant coverage from TV and radio is immediately available through the Yellow News broadcast alert service.

Target and track your media contacts

Yellow News - Target and track your media contacts

Target and track relevant journalists and commentators through a real-time analysis of what they write and tweet.  Engage with your key journalists through their social networks or via our new release distribution capability. 

Analyse your profile and activity

Yellow News - Analyse your profile and activity

Straightforward analytics tools to help you analyse your profile and the impact of your PR and communications activity through a range of pre-configured and custom charts and dashboards.

Yellow News is fully supported by a dedicated client services team

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