About Dimension

DIMENSION is our latest thinking on some of the biggest communication planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the industry. This year, it seeks to understand how brands, media owners and agencies alike can win in the age of authenticity.

Uniquely, the study reflects the response and attitudes from twin perspectives: those of the industry’s practitioners and those of the consumers they are trying to reach.

Now in its third year, the findings send a strong message that the recurring issues haven’t gone away, and the imperfect balance our industry finds itself in remains.

You can explore findings from earlier studies here: DIMENSION 2017, DIMENSION 2018. Select the home page to explore DIMENSION 2019.

About the research

We interviewed 5,000 connected consumers across five of the world’s largest communication markets (Brazil, China, France, UK and the US – 1,000 consumers in each). 

Connected consumers are defined as those 18 years+ who use at least two of the following devices connected to the internet: PC, laptop, smart TV, smart speaker/voice-activated device, personal tablet or smartphone. We selected this sample as we believe it to be of the greatest interest and relevance to brands. The data produced is not, though, comparable with any data gathered from a sample designed to be representative of a total adult population.

Consumer interviews were conducted online using the CAWI technique by our colleagues at Lightspeed between 9-24 October 2018. All numbers quoted in reports are based on this sample unless otherwise stated. To access a comprehensive fieldwork report, complete with methodology and country data please click here.

We also interviewed 58 industry practitioners to elicit their opinions and perspectives in the same five markets. These included senior figures from brands, agencies, media and platform owners, trade bodies, consultants and adtech businesses, and were conducted with a series of roundtable discussions or in-depth 1:1 interviews moderated by a Kantar employee. Where quotes from these roundtables and interviews have been attributed, they have been approved for use by the individual concerned.