What drives consumers to subscribe – and keep subscribing?

Audiences, Advertisers & Apps – the future of funding models for media

DIMENSION 2019 explores the shifting balance between advertising and subscription funding of media. 

The overall trend across the industry continues to be consumer control. They choose what they want, where and when they want it, on a device that suits them.

What do consumers feel about paying for content? How is the industry overcoming the barriers to reach particular audiences? And is there a future for subscription-only models?

We consider the risks over-commercialisation and a partial view of an audience to any medium poses to media and platform owners, whether they carry advertising or not. 

What you can’t see from data is the damage you might be doing by retargeting people endlessly with your products.

Cheryl Calverley
CMO, Eve Mattresses,
of consumers claim to pay for a TV/Video subscription service
of consumers agree they see the same ad over and over again – it’s too repetitive.
Measurement – Looking over the wall
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Does subscription deliver scale?

Measurement is a team sport

A partial view of the audience to any medium risks an incomplete measurement of marketing effectiveness, which ultimately reduces advertiser confidence. All sources need to be independently verified and meet accepted standards. 

Cross-industry collaboration and consensus is crucial to realise this within the realities of each market.


Beware of over-targeting - The risks of over-commercialisation
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