How can my brand win consumer trust?

Authentic Communication in a Mistrusting World

DIMENSION 2019 explores the role each media form plays towards ensuring brands communicate in an authentic and genuine way. 

With so many sources for information on brands available, online and offline, where do consumers go? And once there, do they trust the information they’re exposed to?

Authenticity and transparency are key in how brands communicate with their target audiences. PR, and other earned and owned forms can give authenticity to a brand message depending on how it’s communicated and whether it appears in a trusted form.

Our report considers these questions and the data and tools that further evolve the strategic role of PR, helping to deliver the authenticity expected by consumers. 

A solution to unlock growth could be anything … we no longer automatically default to advertising.

Leana Less
VP, Global Consumer Marketing, Aveda,
2 in 3
consumers believe objective journalism is key to a healthy democracy.
of consumers go to company websites for information on that brand
Quantifying the strategic value of communications
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Which sources do consumers trust?

Data and tools can provide a wealth of insight and make possible a more consumer-focused approach to earned media

Industry tools, including TGI, post-campaign analysis and media evaluation can be used to predict, understand and benchmark how to deliver an integrated, authentic story.

Offline wins on credibility
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