How do I avoid a brand health crisis?

Balancing the Brand Scales: Fame vs Relevance

DIMENSION 2019 explores how consumers really feel about advertising and the many communication channels used to reach them. 

We throw some light on the imperfect balance between fame and relevance in targeting. It’s not a question of choosing one or the other, but precision is a double-edged sword.

Has the pendulum swung too far, negatively impacting the trust-based relationship consumers decide to have with brands?

If advertising is going to regain consumers’ interest and trust, it must surely be through a more responsible use of data, and a stronger focus on the ‘mass’ approach.

Consumers see content. Unfortunately, we, the advertising industry, see silos.

Harold Geller
Executive Director, Ad-ID,
consumers believe all brand communication is advertising.
of consumers object to being targeted based on their past online activity.
Ad-blocking plateaus
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Consumer apathy for advertising remains

A more holistic, integrated approach to measuring the impact of brand communications is key to finding the right balance between brand-building campaigns and short-term promotional messaging.

How can brands win back consumers trust in advertising?
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