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Is the industry listening to consumers and the brands it seeks to serve?

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The DIMENSION study, now in its second year, tracks connected consumers changing attitudes to media forms and formats. Juxtaposed against the views of industry leaders across five of the largest media markets in the world the insights provide an overview of the major trends and innovations shaping the world of media and communications planning.

Work in Progress

This report compares progress since 2017, exposing consumer attitudes and behaviours towards different media forms and commercial messages as well as insights into how the industry is grappling with the challenges of a data-dominated world.


  • Improve relevancy - consumers and industry leaders agree that improvements are needed to ensure relevancy in messaging; and that there is a balance between privacy and creative appropriateness.

  • Common standards needed - across all platforms to allow for full use to be made of all data, and for industry learnings to be maximised.

  • Quality data integration is fundamental - advertisers and their agencies need help navigating the huge quantity of data available to them from multiple sources.

  • Work in progress - in the eyes of the consumer, there’s still work to be done to improve the perception of online advertising.


  • Start with data - advertisers should enable their creative agencies to use data at the outset of the campaign planning process.

  • Online isn’t offline on a screen - improve the advertising experience by creating content specifically for online media forms.

  • Embrace the value exchange - consumers understand the trade-off between data and personal benefit. It’s time for advertisers to enter the exchange.

  • Aid integration - deliver data sets to advertisers that are easy to access, consistent and connectable.

Data can drive brilliant creativity; it’s not only about optimisation.

Jon Wilkins, Karmarama, UK

Today we are regularly tempted to collect a massive amount of data, without always precisely knowing upfront if we will be able to make good use out of it...

Pascale Azria, Directrice Générale et Présidente, Syntec RP, France

Consumers understand the trade-off between data and personal benefit

represents a slight decline in consumers feeling “advertisers doing a better job of communicating to me now than in the past” (73% in 2017).

only - see an increasing number of relevant ads.

disagree with giving up personal information in return for ad relevance - privacy a real concern for many.

Base: 5,000 connected consumers


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