Adgooroo enables search marketers to easily identify worst brand infringers

AdGooroo (, a Kantar Media company and global leader in search marketing intelligence, today announced the relaunch of its Trademark Insight brand monitoring service with powerful new features to help search marketers easily identify competitors, affiliates and partners who are bidding on and using their trademarked brand terms in Paid Search ads in more than 50 countries worldwide. As part of the new service, advertisers will receive enhanced insight into the impact each violation is having on their campaign performance—including the number of stolen clicks and impressions generated—to help identify the most egregious brand infringers and determine where to focus their corrective efforts. 

Trademark violations in Paid Search advertising can be especially costly for brand advertisers because they divert customers away from the brand’s site while at the same time driving up its marketing costs due to increased competition and a higher cost per click on its branded keywords. “Brand terms are among the most profitable and highest converting keyword phrases in any search campaign. However, manually identifying potential trademark infringements is a timeand resource-consuming process that is often prone to errors,” commented Richard Stokes, founder and CEO of AdGooroo. “Trademark Insight utilizes AdGooroo’s 24/7 global network to monitor for infringements around the world and around the clock, dramatically reducing the time advertisers spend enforcing their brand policies on the search engines.” 

Trademark monitoring in Paid Search is of particular importance to industries such as Travel, where, for instance, hotels, airlines and cruise line operators risk losing significant revenue to online travel agency sites and affiliates who are not following the brand’s restrictions for bidding on and using its trademarked terms in their search ads. 

Among its many new features, Trademark Insight also monitors for brand violations that are particularly serious and difficult to detect, including violations in an ad’s ‘destination URL’, which are not visible in the ad, and hijacked URLs, which mimic the brand’s actual site URL and siphon off its website traffic. 

About AdGooroo 

AdGooroo is a Kantar Media company and global leader in Search Marketing Intelligence that helps the world’s best known brands and their agencies achieve a competitive advantage in the Media. Founded in 2004, more than 4,000 search marketing professionals trust AdGooroo for reliable, actionable insights to uncover their top competitors’ paid and organic search strategies and improve their own campaign performance. Offering a complete picture of the search marketing landscape, AdGooroo enables clients to view current and historical data— including spend estimates, performance statistics, keywords and ad creative—for virtually any advertiser’s text ad and product listing ad campaigns across desktop, tablet and mobile search in more than 50 countries.