BARB extends panel contract with Kantar Media to 2018

BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) has extended the agreement with Kantar Media to operate the panel for the UK’s official TV measurement service until December 2018.  The contract includes panel management, meter installation, data collection and data production. 

Commenting on the announcement Richard Asquith, Global CEO, Kantar Media Audiences said: “The new ways in which video content is delivered and consumed are opening up new sources of data and require new measurement technologies.  At the same time the industry demands accurate ratings that underpin robust trading currencies – ratings that are guided by the principles of representivity, independence and panellist compliance. This is an exciting challenge and we are proud to partner with BARB to deliver the gold standard UK TV audience measurement service at a time of unprecedented change.” 

Since being awarded the BARB PeopleMeter contract in December 2007, the core panel has evolved continuously in response to changes in TV viewing behaviour. Kantar Media has developed and deployed a series of service enhancements including:

  • Meter technology to measure viewing on PCs and Macs (2012)
  • Provision of timeshift viewing up to 28 days after the original transmission (2013)
  • A solution to measure viewing on tablets (2014)

Last year, Kantar Media was awarded an additional contract to provide BARB with census measurement, direct from web player servers, of the number of online TV viewers downloading or streaming TV content across computers, smartphones and tablets. 

TAM joint industry committees around the world continually assess how best to deliver balanced, representative panels. Kantar Media acknowledges today’s announcement from BARB and is committed to working with BARB and its stakeholders to develop compelling and rigorous solutions to ensure the service continues to meet the highest standards.