CSM Partners with Sina Weibo to launch Weibo TV ratings index

They have jointly launched Weibo TV Ratings Indexes, which aim to provide an industry standard for China’s media industry to measure TV-related social conversations on Weibo. 

By combining television audience measurement and Weibo’s social conversation data, the service utilizes unique advantages from both companies.  The new suites of products will provide quantitative support to allow broadcasters and other media stakeholders to enhance their evaluation of their programmes and provide holistic views on their performance and communication across multiple media platforms.   

Weibo TV Ratings Indexes is the core product in this strategic cooperation.  The Indexes will standardize the analysis of TV programs’ social buzz in terms of both users and volumes.  This will provide an effective, systematic, standard, and continuous data support for the propagation, marketing, and evaluation of TV programs on social media.

 “Our cooperation will not only provide the standardized quantitative analytic tool for Weibo’s social conversation data,” said Jianbing Xiao, CSM’s deputy managing director,” but by integrating each party’s strengths, we can effectively evaluate the relationship between TV ratings and Weibo social buzz volume.  We will conduct continuous research to discover new insights on the mutual effect and impact of audiences’ behaviors on both platforms.”