In Brazil, Reality shows dominate conversation about broadcast television on Twitter

Last year, Public ITTR counted almost 50 million tweets. The genre represented 30% of this total.

IBOPE Twitter TV Ratings (ITTR), launched in Brazil January 2015 is part of a set of metrics intended to measure the television content buzz in the digital environment. The product measures the impact of television content in the digital environment by providing metrics that enable a better understanding of the impact of the messages and the engagement of viewers, based on their conversations about TV on Twitter. The Public ITTR considers all national free to air broadcasters. The position of the programs is based on the total impressions, unique audience, the total number of tweets and unique authors.

In 2015, 79 different shows appeared in the lists of Public ITTR - a weekly rank of the 10 shows with greater impact on Twitter - generating 47 million messages and 1.9 billion impressions.

Realities stood out among other Brazilian free to air channels when it comes to social media conversation. Throughout the year, the episodes of this genre presented in Public ITTR amounted to 14 million tweets and more than 655 million impressions.

After reality shows, soap operas and talk shows were the genre which most contributed for Public ITTR numbers.

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