John Bremer joins Compete as Chief Research Officer

Compete, a Kantar Media company, today announced that John Bremer, a marketing research industry leader, has joined the company as chief research officer. At Compete, he will lead the effort to deliver best-in-class projection/normalization methodologies, set new standards and policies for data quality and serve as the company's primary expert on digital research approaches, models and techniques.

"John is joining Compete during a time of tremendous opportunity for our company and our industry," said Scott Ernst, president of Compete. "Data is now driving billions of dollars worth of digital marketing decisions, and our methodology must continue to instill confidence and be synonymous with quality and business value.  John will not only be an asset to Compete and our clients, but also a leading voice across the entire digital research landscape."

"From my vantage point at the center of digital research innovation, no company is more focused on data quality and the effective application of data to digital marketing than Compete," said John Bremer. "The information we deliver is critical to marketers, especially when it is integrated with other data types, and we've only scratched the surface of what's possible as our insights are used in concert with other best-in-class qualitative and quantitative data partners."

Earlier in his distinguished career, Bremer became well-known for developing advanced research techniques including his work ensuring the representativeness of online data, forecasting election results and linking data from different data sources and data types to generate richer insights. His extensive experience developing research methodologies and techniques includes groundbreaking work in academia; Bremer was a senior research assistant to Dr. James Heckman, and projects on which he worked were cited within Dr. Heckman's 2000 Nobel Prize in Economics.

In recent years, Bremer was the co-director of the Harris Interactive Center for Innovation as well as the head of research methodology/global representativeness at Harris Interactive. Prior to Harris, Bremer was a research associate at advertising agency DDB Needham in their Analytical Resources Group. He earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in statistics, mathematical economic analysis and public policy from Rice University; a Master of Science in statistics from the University of Chicago, where he also obtained his MBA; and a Master of Arts in political science from the University of Rochester. Bremer is a professional member of the American Statistical Association.