Kantar Media and Experian Marketing Services integrate demographic data with viewing behavior

Initiative, part of Kantar Media's Data Partner Program, will make possible segmentation of audience viewing behavior based on composition of households.

Experian Marketing Services , a leading provider of data and analytics across both traditional and addressable media, and Kantar Media, which provides Internet, TV and radio audience measurement in 59 countries worldwide, are joining to integrate aggregated demographic data with anonymous audience viewing behavior data.

The integration with Experian Marketing Services will make possible the delivery of well-defined data for greater insights into the composition of audiences based upon household attributes such as income levels and the presence of children. The integrated data will be offered as a core feature available through Kantar Media's DIRECTView service.

DIRECTView is one of the largest national audience measurement services available in the United States, providing anonymous audience viewing behavior data from 100,000 satellite television subscribers of DIRECTV. This data is projectable to the entire DIRECTV residential subscriber base. The service enables measurement of the entire spectrum of live and time-shifted (DVR) audience viewing behaviors across more than 350 channels.

The initiative with Experian Marketing Services is part of Kantar Media's Data Partner Program, which integrates the anonymous viewing behavior data from DIRECTView with internal and external datasets to provide marketers, media buyers and sellers with new sales and marketing tools and enhanced analytics for more effective media planning and ROI assessment.

"DIRECTView clients will now be able to understand the composition of audiences whose viewing behavior they are assessing," says Bud Breheney, Chief Commercial Offices of Kantar Media Audiences North America. "With this level of granular insight, both media buyers and sellers will benefit through a greater ability to target messages and define audiences. It is a prime example how data integration is making television advertising more efficient and effective."

"The extension of Experian's direct marketing expertise to television provides greater value for advertisers and marketers as they navigate the addressable media ecosystem," said Mike Balducci, general manager of Experian Digital Advertising Services, a unit of Experian Marketing Services. "Our successful history and track record of managing aggregated data for direct marketing will be a strategic asset for Kantar Media to refine its audience advertising and measurement capabilities."