Kantar Media and the Norwegian Radio industry sign for electronic radio measurement in Norway

A survey panel of 850 people will report data on five national radio channels and four regional sales networks giving Norwegian radio stations and advertisers the most universal and accurate audience measurement available.

PPMs give a more accurate measurement of what people are listening to throughout the day as the devices passively track both digital and analogue radio broadcasts whether by air, cable, satellite and increasingly more importantly over the internet. As the devices are carried by panel members throughout the day every single transmission a wearer hears is captured whether they are in their cars, bars or even at work.

Panel members do not need to keep diaries or be interviewed by telephone. Clients benefit from quickly seeing how listeners, particularly the valuable urban youth segment, are consuming radio on a daily basis rather than from a monthly report. In a highly competitive market this gives radio stations the ability to get more accurate demographic information and advertisers more comprehensive data fast.

"Having made the transition into the new radio market, this is an incredibly exciting time," comments Kristian Tolonen, media researcher at NRK and Chairman of the steering committee for the participating radio companies. "We're seeing radio listening rise among young people and this will be an exciting trend to monitor in 2010 and 2011. The medium of radio is by no means dying, and we have ambitions to expand even further,"

Jørn Leipart, Director, TNS Gallup, Norway comments: "We are delighted that the Norwegian Radio Industry has extended this contract. It reinforces that PPM continues to be an effective technology to understand audiences in a more in-depth way. PPM is at the cutting edge of radio measurement and now gives data on a par with television." Keld Nielsen, Global Business Development Director for the Audiences sector at Kantar Media says: "Portable People Meters are becoming increasingly important on a worldwide basis as both media owners and advertisers crave faster and more accurate radio measurement. The potential for the technology is vast as future developments could include cross-media audience measurement."

PPMs are currently used in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Norway and the USA and there are approximately 60,000 in use worldwide. Norway was the first country in the world to switch to electronic measurement of radio listening. The technology is licensed by Kantar Media from Arbitron.

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