Kantar Media announces Danish TV audience contract renewal until 2015

Mette Lehrmann, Research Manager at TV2 and head of the TV-Meter steering committee, stated: "The high quality of TNS Gallup/Kantar Media's measurement of actual television set viewing via home televisions and the assurance of a continuous supply of high quality figures were key factors to the extension of the contract.  These are vital to the TV stations. Now the task at hand is to determine which methodology will provide the most consistent measurement of TV programme viewing across multiple platforms so that we will be quick to respond when more viewing of television is achieved via mobiles, tablets and PCs."

Frank Klausen, Associate Director at TNS Gallup who heads up the audience measurement services in Denmark commented: "I'm delighted that the steering committee has chosen to extend our contract, and I'm convinced that we can design and develop the techniques necessary for the future of TV au-dience measurement in Denmark together."

Henrik Hansen, Managing Director of TNS Gallup, added:  'We are happy that the collective television industry in Denmark has chosen to continue its cooperation with TNS Gallup/Kantar Media. We are going to be doing our utmost to deliver services to the market based on our strong, international net-work and our local, professional support.'