Kantar Media awarded cross platform ratings contract in the Netherlands

As new platforms for video consumption (and the means of measuring them) continue to emerge, the challenges and opportunities for measurement providers have never been greater. SKO developed an approach which integrates data sources for a variety of (video) viewing behaviours. The result: The SKO - ‘Video Data Integration Model’ (SKO-VIM).

Kantar Media's measurement technology will be deployed on a TNS NIPO panel of 3,000 individuals aged 6+ to measure all video viewing  on  PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles, whether via browser or app, streamed or on demand. This data, integrated daily with census data for online TV, video and commercials, will produce a comprehensive view of multi-channel video consumption.

Bas de Vos, Director at SKO: “The combined panel and census data will enable us to report accurate, transparent ratings on the viewing habits of the Dutch population for TV and internet-only content.  Our final step will be the integration of television and online ratings into one overall rating: the VideoTotal which we expect to release in late 2015.  We are excited to be the first TV currency service to deploy a hybrid approach integrating panel and census data sources to produce a hybrid and comprehensive view of video consumption, a video currency.”

SKO’s adoption of a hybrid approach chimes with Kantar Media’s own view of the industry’s needs both now and in the future. Kantar Media is at the forefront in developing hybrid audience measurement techniques. The company has been active in deploying VirtualMeter, its online PeopleMeter, onto a number of TV panels around the world, as well as their work with BARB to collect and report census data for online TV viewing in the UK across all devices.

Richard Asquith, Global CEO at Kantar Media Audiences commented:  "We are convinced that hybrid systems, which integrate data from several complementary sources, are the future for TV audience measurement.  Our ongoing investment in developing robust, innovative solutions to link representative panel data with large scale behavioural information is central to this vision of the future. We are delighted that SKO has the same view and recognises our technology and expertise in this area.  We look forward to partnering with SKO to make their ground-breaking new service a reality.”