Kantar Media merges US RPD business into Rentrak to create single major supplier of TV measurement

9 October 2014 – In response to the release issued by Rentrak (Nasdaq: RENT) earlier today the following statement is issued from Kantar Media:

Kantar Media welcomes today’s announcement which represents a joining of forces between two major players in the US audience measurement industry.

The transaction, when closed, will merge Kantar Media’s existing US television measurement client contracts into Rentrak, creating the benefits of clarity and simplicity for clients in the US TV ratings marketplace with a single massive and passive TV measurement ratings service. Over the coming months we will work closely with Rentrak to ensure our US television measurement clients transition smoothly, ensuring we honour all existing obligations and maintain a focus on delivering a seamless client service.

Under the agreement, Rentrak will also integrate its national and local TV measurement with a number of Kantar’s US based services that focus on digital media, advertising expenditure and purchase data.  This partnership will provide advertisers, agencies, TV networks, MVPDs and local television stations throughout the US with even more powerful tools to understand consumers’ purchasing habits and be able to link TV habits with purchase and other behaviour in the US.

The deployment of return path data from set top boxes has expanded the definition of audience measurement. Since Kantar Media developed and deployed the world’s first proprietary return path data service in 2004 our RPD services have helped TV operators, channels, advertisers and agencies gain granular insight into viewing behaviour. We have, and continue to witness strong growth in return path data services throughout the world.

This announcement has no impact on any of our measurement services outside the US. Kantar Media will continue to operate return path data services in existing markets in Africa, Asia Pacific & Europe. Our commitment to develop and advance return path data capabilities to TV operators across the world has never been stronger. Return path data remains a cornerstone in our ambition to measure TV across all platforms and devices.

Kantar Media’s strengthened relationship with Rentrak underlines the company’s strategic ambition to maximise the market potential for our areas of expertise in the US. These include the recent launch of US TGI and the enhancement of our advertising intelligence (expenditure) capabilities to include mobile and online video advertising tracking - an industry-first.