New York - Kantar Media launches RapidView

The application's first module will focus on the retail marketplace and integrate household TV viewing behavior data from Kantar Media Audience's DIRECTView™ service with purchase behavior data from Kantar Shopcom. The application enables media buyers and sellers to take audience analysis beyond demographics and target relevant consumers, that is, identify custom audiences that actually buy a specific brand or product category.

RapidView leverages vast databases which results in unparalled data source sizes and opportunity for granular analysis.   RapidView for Retail overlays data from the 100,000 national households that comprise the second-by-second TV tuning behavior available from the DIRECTView service with purchasing information from the Kantar Shopcom Database™, a database of transaction-level purchase behavior data for 231 million U.S consumers shopping across 270 CPG, retail, travel, lodging and services categories.

In addition to RapidView for Retail, subsequent modules will overlay data from DIRECTView with data sets from other categories, such as the automotive sector.

"RapidView represents RPD's (return path data) full potential in delivering new insights when integrated with other data sources and is indicative of how audience measurement is being re-defined," says George Shababb, president of Kantar Media Audiences North America. "RapidView delivers on this potential by using databases that are vastly greater in size than any others available. The accuracy of its insights enable media buyers to improve their advertising's ROI for more relevant media investments and make it possible for media sellers to demonstrate the value of their properties on a level not possible before."

RapidView is designed for both regular and casual users and is accessed through Kantar Media Space, a one-stop portal that provides access to Kantar Media's Return Path Data (RPD) applications. The interface makes it easy to select and work with data, enabling the development of customized in-depth insights analyzed by brand/categories, time period, day of week, daypart, channel and program