RapidMeter A simple innovation bringing audience measurement to new markets

RapidMeter technology uses much of the same technology as the 5000
Series PeopleMeter, offering affordable audience measurement and an innovative
way to either enter evolving markets or supplement services in mature ones.
First unveiled at the 2011 ASI Television Symposium by Kantar Media Audiences
CEO, Richard Marks, the RapidMeter is a 'sister' to the successful 5000 Series
PeopleMeter utilising the same well established audio-matching technology.

Not just for emerging markets

It has a role to play in mature markets too. The meter could supplement data from existing Television Audience Measurement panels in places like Norway, where a significant proportion of the population have second homes. RapidMeter technology can be bolted-on to existing wall-panels, allowing internet and TV viewing habits to be measured on a single source. This cross-media measurement option was a key factor in Google choosing to partner with Kantar Media in the UK to build a threescreen panel which deploys RapidMeter technology.

Of course, as you'd expect from a lowercost alternative, RapidMeter technology
has its limitations. For example: it is not designed to identify platforms. Similarly,
guests can't be registered to the service and the meter is using GPRS and GSM
data collection only. Unlike the more illustrious 5000 Series,
RapidMeter technology doesn't detect usage of peripheral devices. And, vitally
for Scandinavian markets in particular, it can't pick up teletext usage. Perhaps
the biggest difference between the two is the modular nature of the 5000 Series,
making it 'future-proof'. RapidMeter technology design is fixed.
As a result, it possesses less flexibility than the 5000 series. Henry Ford
quipped, 'You can have it whatever colour you like, as long as it's black'. Despite being stripped back, the RapidMeter is an opportunity to get accurate TAM
currency into burgeoning markets like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Measuring the unreachable

RapidMeter technology can be mailed and self-installed. This means it can
be deployed in huge rural areas which previously in many markets weren't
financially feasible to measure. This applies to all territories with sparse
populations and limited infrastructure. This will soon be resolved. The second
generation is slated for release within the next 18 months - complete with
internal microphones.

Affordable, reliable and versatile

RapidMeter isn't simply a new piece of technology. It's a lower-priced
innovation, ideal for delivering audience measurement to a new territory for the first time. Or, as highlighted by Google, it's perfectly adept at supplementing existing services in mature markets.

Keld Nielsen is Global Business Development Director, Kantar Media Audiences. He is based between Copenhagen and London.