TV ads on TV leading up to Super Bowl

Whether you’re in it for the game, ads, or convivial social atmosphere, the Super Bowl is the biggest televised event of the year—an institution for football and non-football fans alike. Be it at a packed bar or a friend’s couch, gathering in good company to watch the broadcasted game is the ultimate American rite of passage. 

Since the spectacle is much more fun to watch on a big screen, Kantar Media’s AdScope team was curious to see if retail advertisers push big-inch LCD and HDTV ads in the weeks leading up to the kickoff more so than during other weeks of the year. To find out, we mined our historical ad tracking database to monitor retail TV ads mentioning “television” week-by-week over the past three years. 

TV ad build-up over game day anticipation

In each of the past three years, retailer ad spending for TVs has accelerated during the three weeks leading up to the big game with a peak in the final week. TV retailers spent $12 million in 2013 during Super Bowl week, up by nearly 80% from 2012. The weekly spend figures drastically plummeted the week after game day. In 2013, retail ad spending on TV sets was 121 times higher in the week preceding the Super Bowl as compared to the week after. It was 57 times more in 2012, and 650 times more in 2011.  

Weekly ad spending amounts in the pre-Super Bowl period are often higher than other big retail weeks of the year. Last year the highest weekly spend occurred during the week of the big game—1/28, beating out TV retailer spend for March Madness, end of summer sales, and holiday ads.

Advertising of epic proportions

Best Buy and h.h.gregg have historically led the retail pack in pre-Super Bowl spend for ads mentioning television sets—and 2014 is proving to be no exception. Their television-specific ads have reached $4.4 million and $3.8 million respectively in the first few weeks of the year. Best Buy’s ads again focus on the glory of Samsung SMART and LED HDTVs, in addition to Sharp products boasting Quattron color display technology. h.h.gregg has touted super sales of LG and Samsung ultra-high def TVs of 60-inch epic proportions– now that’s a lot of screen. 

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