Use cases

We have the expertise, methodology and intelligence to inform all phases of the buying process.

Our data informs multiple touchpoints along the media trading process to allow smart decisions and a better understanding of impact and ROI.

Audience targeting

We identified the right audience segment for our client’s offer, who spent 33% longer than average viewing the creative 

Audience measurement

We provide TV tuning for targeting based on cross-screen media consumption.

Surfacing ad inventory

We enabled a publisher to maximise ad revenues by generating exposure for its tailored (and time-sensitive) content on new channels

Engaging TV audiences 

Our programme watermarking enabled broadcasters to deliver synchronised, content to companion screens while the Grand National was running live

TV and social media

Our Twitter TV Ratings service helped drive audience engagement and identify which shows drive the most online buzz, right down to the specific episode that generated the most 

Second screen targeting Our real-time ad occurrence data enabled an advertiser to target its second-screen ads to likely viewers of competitor ads, allowing it to "conquest" viewers of that campaign.

Evaluating paid search

We enabled a publisher client to prove that its campaigns were generating spikes in search engine traffic, demonstrating the value to its clients.

Tactical targeting 

Our Ad Intelligence service enabled a DSP partner to identify media which were not heavily populated with competitor ads, so its client could dominate share of voice with that audience.