ITV: Maximising audience engagement with the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings

Analysing how TV content drives conversations on Twitter

The Kantar Twitter TV Ratings are the official Twitter TV metric in the UK, used by ITV and other broadcasters, agencies and advertisers to understand how audiences engage with TV programmes and brands on Twitter.


ITV, a commercial TV network in the UK, were looking to understand the conversations happening around their programmes on Twitter, in order to maximise audience engagement. In addition, as a commercial broadcaster, they wanted to provide their advertisers with greater insight into which shows they are best placed to advertise in and be able to better plan cross media social and TV campaigns.

What we did

Via Instar Social, the interactive web based platform used to analyse the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, ITV can analyse and monitor the Twitter activity happening around their programmes. Our brand affinity module allows ITV to understand which brands viewers of particular programmes have a strong affinity with, and the social buzz tool lets them track advertising campaigns across the full campaign window to measure success and ROI.

The result

The metrics available within Instar Social allow ITV to understand social TV trends around series, enabling them to run smarter social campaigns to engage viewers. By understanding the social patterns around their programmes, ITV have been able to extend audience engagement beyond the broadcast window. Additionally, using the brand and social buzz tools they can provide brand owners and advertisers with the insights they need to target their advertisements to more socially engaged, relevant viewers.