Media Monitoring: Shaping Real-time Understanding

In today’s fragmented communications world we recognise that brands need to keep on top of their profile across digital media as well as mainstream news.

We monitor every channel.  From national and regional newspapers to business and consumer press.  From online news portals to Twitter and forums.  From national TV to regional radio stations.  Our coverage is comprehensive.

Real-time news

Our media monitoring platform integrates social media and mainstream news in a single timeline.  Users can access news more quickly and easily identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights, all in real time.

Clients can quickly identify the influencers they need to reach, the impact of social media and what is driving their coverage and profile.  This makes it easier to identify trends and themes and share the relevant analysis and insight. 

Flexible and rapid service

We review coverage to meet clients' exact requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can deliver the news as it breaks or at times that are convenient. All on any device.  

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