Real Time Ratings

Real-time ratings enable real-time reaction on live broadcasts.

Being able to see audiences viewing live enables broadcasters and content owners to make real-time programming decisions.

Our real-time ratings technology provides the industry with information on the audience every minute of the broadcasting window. 

Competitive advantage for live broadcasts

Real-time ratings are particularly popular among broadcasters across the world that broadcast a high proportion of live TV shows.  Near-live information on the audience share for each channel gives them the data they need to enable real-time reactions and agility in live programming.

Broadcasters can assess how a particular segment of a programme being received by the audience or how to respond as channels compete in real time for audience share.  This is possible ahead of the more strategic choices to be considered when the richer consolidated data is published.

Complex technology.  Clear information

The live data enables broadcasters and content owners to respond.  Subscribers to the data can measure viewer engagement with any given programme. 

We were the first company to deploy this service when Brazil started using it in 1988.  It is now used in ten markets as part of the TV currency service.

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