25 Days of Data - Day 10 - No Junk Mail Please

How far will consumers go to block advertising?

As part of the 2018 DIMENSION Study, we assessed how big the issue of ad blocking really is, an issue not exclusive to online. Through insights from five of the world’s largest advertising markets, the report reflects the ad-avoidance landscape and offers recommendations to advertisers and agencies on how best to reverse the trend.

Here are some of the key take outs from the report:

  1. Ad-blocking levels remain relatively high, with many consumers selectively blocking advertising through specific media forms.
  2. Selective blocking is on the rise – significant number of consumers are paying a premium for ad free environments on selected platforms.
  3. Re-discover the power of creativity: shape the message to the medium and adapt for each intended media form.
  4. Consumers crave relevance - the industry is still struggling to deliver to the promise implicit in online data.

And here are the main recommendations the industry can do to improve this:

  1. Improve the value exchange for the consumer – ads should continue to be useful and entertaining to prevent consumers avoiding advertising.
  2. A shared responsibility – we must collectively recognise that more needs to be done to regain consumers’ acceptance of online media. Everyone has a role to play in achieving this.
  3. Re-discover the power of creativity, shapes the message to the medium and sufficient adaptation for each intended media form.
  4. Independent online measurement needs to encompass creative considerations (i.e. did the message resonate?), as well as audience data.

Read the full report here

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