25 Days of Data - Day 10 - Movies and the Oscars

What role to movies play in TV advertising and product integration?

Advertising a new movie release tends to start slowly and pick up momentum as the premiere date approaches.

Throughout the year, Kantar Media monitored several movie studios supporting their films in this fashion, airing a blitz of new ads to kick-off promotions and continuing to increase adverting leading up to the premiere. We also examined advertising trends during the Oscars, and how brands are integrating their products into the content of the awards ceremony.

  • Infographic: And the advertising Oscar goes to... – Kantar Media mined its extensive database to compile key figures on Academy Awards advertising. Significant trends include higher ad prices and revenue; rising ad volume that is diminishing the event’s advantage versus other programming; and advertisers using regional TV buys to circumvent exclusive-sponsor arrangements in the
    network telecast.
  • Brandjacking the Academy Awards Via Product Integrations – The integration of branded products into the content of the awards ceremony has become a stealth tool for marketers to generate huge levels of exposure and social media interactions and to “brandjack” attention from other sponsors. It’s a limited practice because effectiveness depends in part on the elements of surprise, distinctiveness and being organic rather than obviously commercial.
  • Walt Disney Pictures breaks records and brings back classics – During the week of February 26, Walt Disney Pictures spent $4.5 million on national TV advertising to promote box office hits A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther.
  • WB’s Crazy Rich Asians wins at the box office and on the small screen – Promotion of the film began back in May, with total national TV expenditures exceeding $13 million through mid-August. Advertising buzz paid off – Crazy Rich Asians was number one in the box office during opening week, shattering revenue expectations and was met with widespread critical acclaim.
  • Movie studios heat up the small screen with ads for fall films – Fall movie releases have become a strategic marketing tactic for Oscar nominee hopefuls. As we entered the season this year, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox all spent big promoting potential Oscar contenders.

Movies are big revenue generators for film studios and TV networks, and have the potential to work for branded products as well.  To learn more about our advertising monitoring solution, click here.

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