25 Days of Data - Day 13 - DIMENSION - Combination Theory

Communications and marketing professionals know that non-advertising techniques work, but is this view echoed by consumers?

Each channel – paid, owned and earned - adds to the consumer’s perception of the brand. If the message is consistent between them they collectively ensure the brand’s character is exposed, received and understood. In this section of our DIMENSION 2018 study, we quantifiably demonstrate the value of non-advertising techniques. It solidifies the role of the integrated brand strategy and reinforces the need for brands to continue to invest in managing and maintaining their relationships with journalists, influencers and other content providers.

Some of the key findings include:

  1. It’s all advertising to the connected consumer, through whatever channel and whichever means!
  2. An integrated approach to media exposure across all channels - paid, owned and earned - is a must for brands.
  3. On average 3 content sources are used by consumers to proactively gather information about a brand.
  4. Advance measurement standards in earned media techniques are required to enable comparative analysis with established paid media channels.

We also put together a ‘Communicators Checklist’ to help marketing professionals ensure their techniques are working:

  1. Work together better - encourage your teams in-house and agency-side to work closer together, delivering integrated messaging and a seamless experience to the consumer.
  2. Align success - agree common top-level objectives and ensure performance indicators for each channel fit with the end goal.
  3. Leverage your PR armoury! Get the best media mix by deploying conventional advertising forms alongside PR and other channels to deliver maximum impact to the consumer.
  4. Share data sources between departments to drive planning and measurement of integrated campaigns.

 To find out more, download the full report here.

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