25 Days of Data - Day 16 - The Rise of TV Talent Shows in China

One of the most-read blog posts from Kantar Media CIC’s Trendwatch Report in 2018 featured the rise of two of China’s most popular talent shows – Produce 101 and The Rap of China.

The full case study is available from the Kantar Media CIC Trendwatch report including additional quantitative evidence on buzz volume and engagement for the two shows and their pre-show marketing campaigns, and deep dives on the specific topics in netizens’ discussions and popular keywords used in social media platforms.

Talent shows produced in China have been making waves in the media and entertainment industry by producing a stream of idols and stars adored by audiences across the country. Shows such as Produce 101 and The Rap of China: Season 2 have enjoyed massive audience and online buzz due to intense pre-show publicity efforts. With both shows blazing a trail in both television and new media, the recent Kantar Media CIC’s Trendwatch report compares and reviews their marketing strategy and the engagement rate.

To download a copy of the full Trendwatch report click here.