25 Days of Data - Day 17 - A Whole New (Old) World

Connected consumers have never had such an extensive range of devices, technologies and media channels at their disposal. But how do brands best harness them – and quantifiably understand the return they’re delivering?

As new technologies evolve and become more mainstream, the measurement challenge will come to the forefront. New technologies like smart speakers, wearables and online formats will help shape what we measure and bring fresh challenges to all involved in media planning, buying and measurement.

This section of our ground-breaking DIMENSION report, "A whole new (old) world?", explores how the industry is quantifying consumer uptake of new communication technologies and what industry leaders see coming next.

Some of the key findings include:

  1. Voice-activated devices and software continue to grow, with smart speakers quickly gaining ground across some of the world’s largest advertising markets.
  2. Big scale plans ahead - virtual and augmented reality are predicted to evolve fast and scale quickly.
  3. The lure of programme quality and an ad-free experience is encouraging consumers to adopt subscription TV models.
  4. Room for improvement - online video ad formats are not as well received by consumers as those ads broadcast on TV channels and viewed on a TV set. More adaptation required!
  5. The continued lack of full access to platforms’ audience data concerns advertisers.

So, what can you do to embrace the new (old) world?

  1. Build on strong foundations – currency measures can be adapted, but base foundations must be consistent.
  2. Work together - consider how paid and earned media forms can drive consumers to owned media channels.
  3. Be creative! Consider the creative implications of voice-activation on your media campaign.
  4. Test and learn! – Experiment with new media forms before they scale.

To find out more, download the full report here.