25 Days of Data - Day 25


Here is the final blog post in our #25DaysofData series. 

We all have our own Christmas traditions, from when we start our shopping, to what we cook on the big day. But how does this compare to the priorities of British consumers as a whole to everything around Christmas? We asked a representative sample of adults (aged 18+) to find out.

For this project, we modelled our Great Britain TGI consumer data across Lightspeed’s panel of over 300,000 British adults. This provided key TGI profiling insights alongside the standard geo-demographic data you would expect from an ad hoc study.

Older people and those in the South most on top of their Christmas present shopping

27% of adults have already finished all of their Christmas present shopping, 42% have just a few presents left to buy and 16% haven’t even started yet. Most organised are those aged 55+, 31% of whom have finished it all. Least organised are those just a little younger. 21% of the 45-54 year old age group have not even started their shopping.

People in the South are the most organised, with 31% of them having finished it all. However, London bucks the trend shown by the rest of the South, with only 24% having finished their shopping and 19% not started.

Insights from our TGI consumer data reveal that those who have just a few presents left to buy are 60% more likely than the average adult to agree 'What I want most in my life is to have fun and enjoy life's pleasures'. These are people possibly especially prone to looking forward to celebratory occasions like Christmas and for whom therefore buying presents is more a pleasure than a chore.

Women and those in their middle years most likely to enjoy the Christmas run-in

41% of adults agree ‘I love getting ready for Christmas’, although women are far more likely than men to enjoy the run-up to the big day, with 48% of women agreeing with this sentiment compared to only 33% of men. 35-44 year olds are the age range who most enjoy getting ready for Christmas – probably as a result of their likelihood to have young children at home.

58% of them agree with this statement, but this then drops off sharply to just 35% of 45-54 year olds and 29% of those aged 55+. The 35-44 year olds are also the age range least likely to agree ‘I’m a bit bah-humbug about it all’ (21% agree with this, versus 36% of 45-54 year olds).

Coca-Cola ad trumps John Lewis – but not everywhere.

The most popular Christmas ad is the one for Coca-Cola, chosen by 20% as their favourite. This is followed by the John Lewis ad, favoured by 17%. Londoners are particularly keen on the John Lewis ad, with 24% of them claiming it as their favourite. This contrasts with the Midlands where the Coca-Cola ad is especially popular and the favoured Christmas ad by 24%.

Those whose favourite Christmas ad is for John Lewis are 71% more likely than the average adult to like Bake Off TV celebrity Paul Hollywood - perhaps an idea for a celebrity endorsement for next Christmas' ad!

Brussels sprouts are overwhelmingly popular – especially amongst older adults

Brussels sprouts are often cited as a Christmas food that particularly divides opinion. However, a whopping 71% of adults enjoy sprouts, compared to the 29% who claim to dislike them.

By and large it is the older age groups who are fond of Brussels sprouts, with 81% of those aged 55+ enjoying them, whilst amongst 25-34 year olds the figure is 58%.

Sprouts lovers enjoy more than just their vegetables. Insights from our TGI consumer data reveal that they are 58% more likely than the average adult to play the EuroMillions more than once a week.

The meal and spending time with family most popular Christmas Day activities

You might think that opening presents would be the best part of Christmas Day for most people. In fact this activity finds itself in third place with 39% of adults citing it as a favourite Christmas Day activity, behind the main meal (57%) and being with friends or family (55%).

Young people are particularly keen on the meal aspect of the day, with 74% claiming it as a favourite part of the day. Meanwhile, it is the 35-44 year olds who most enjoy being with friends and family (63%) – no doubt for the delight the occasion brings to their young children. Being with friends and family is most popular amongst those in the South, whilst the main meal is subject to greatest anticipation amongst those in London.

Almost a third of us will shop online on Christmas Day

Most people have had enough of shopping by the time Christmas Day comes around, although 30% of us still plan to undertake some online shopping on the day itself, in the hope of a bargain.

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