25 Days of Data - Day 6

Marvel’s Thor is the seventeenth film in the Marvel Universe and was released in the UK on October 24, and in the US on November 3. The film, Thor: Ragnarok, cost a reported $180 million to produce and has grossed more than $818 million, making it the highest-grossing film of the Thor series. Prior to the release, Kantar Media analyzed how Walt Disney Pictures has been promoting this big budget film on national TV in the weeks leading up to its premiere.

Expenditures in that first week were nominal; however, two weeks later spending began in earnest. The week of September 4, approximately eight weeks ahead of the US premiere, the studio then dropped $1 million on national TV advertising – perhaps hoping to build on interest from Labor Day moviegoers who may have seen trailers for Thor: Ragnarok in theaters. From there, spending was minimal until September 25 when it started to build steadily in order to garner interest and anticipation. Ad spend for the film peaked at $3.7 million the week of October 9 three weeks before the US premiere date. Through October 22, the studio has spent an estimated $11.5 million overall on Thor: Ragnarok promotion on national TV.

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