10 years of in-game advertising at the Super Bowl

An analysis by Kantar Media of the growth of the Super Bowl over the past decade documents why the game is an advertising juggernaut and how it is growing, even this year, as the league and professional football in general faces challenges.

Price of Advertising Continues to Climb...

The average price for a 30-second commercial in last year’s Super Bowl game reached an all-time high of $5.05 million, up 87 percent during the past decade. It’s the most expensive air time on television by far. (The next two most costly properties in 2017 were the NFC Championship at $2.5 million per :30 and the Academy Awards at $1.9 million).

Ad pricing is negotiated and therefore individual marketers can pay different amounts. Some of the common factors affecting the actual rate include the amount of commercial time purchased, where spots appear in the game and whether the advertiser opts for a larger package that includes units in the pre-game and/or post-game coverage.

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