Hillary or Trump? Let Us Gaze Into Our Halloween Crystal Ball…

Every four years news reports tell us of a decades-old phenomenon in which the sale of presidential candidate Halloween masks can be used to correctly predict the outcome of that year’s election. Simply put, whichever candidate has the better-selling mask at Halloween will win the November presidential election.

Although such an endeavor is clearly unscientific, and even a little stupid, we decided to dip our toe into the election prognostication business. (After all, the same could be said of many of the people who appear on television with election predictions.)

And the winner is…Hillary.

Two Hillary Clinton costume keywords generated a total of $2,981 in paid search ad spend from August 1 through October 4 compared to $1,909 generated by ads served on five similar Donald Trump costume keywords during the period. That’s a difference of 56 percentage points.

You heard it here first, folks.

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Top Halloween costumes of 2016 by paid search ad spend