Kantar Media the first media research organisation invited to speak at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit

The Summit was an unprecedented gathering of leaders and companies driving the transition to a fully networked new world. The three-day event featured a unique combination of high-profile public sessions, closed door discussions and private conversations, bringing together top-tier global media players and their emerging-market counterparts.

This annual global Summit was held in Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi from 18 - 20 November. The summit was opened by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Hashemite Kingdom Jordan who delivered a powerful keynote speech which received global press coverage about the importance of Social Media’s role and not allowing it to be hijacked by extremists to ‘rewrite the narrative and identity of the whole Arab world’. The event was split into three categories, Content, Distribution and Financing – with a day dedicated to each topic. 

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         Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Hashemite Kingdom Jordan 

Mansoor Khan Director of MENA and South Asia was invited to speak and delivered a presentation in the segment aptly called ‘The Future of the TV Audience’. Mansoor delivered his presentation titled: Audience Measurement - The Future is Holistic, Hybrid….and it’s Here!

The synopsis of Mansoor’s presentation is the following: The reality is that the TV industry is operating at the ‘digital frontline’ which brings both opportunities and challenges such as unparalleled content distribution, viewing choice and then of course also fragmentation due to multiple screen viewing (TV, online and mobile devices); The media industry in MENA must have credible ‘insight and metrics’ to enable them to better understand this fast evolving landscape – hence maximizing ROI and the monetizing that they are seeking. This is where innovative cutting-edge research can come to the rescue. Kantar Media will outline its vision of addressing this challenge as the demand for three screen measurement is fast exerting on the evolution of TAM to VAM (Video Audience Measurement).

The presentation was well received.

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