The future of TV audience measurement in Romania

What does the future of TV audience measurement look like? This was the central question at a conference organised by Kantar Media in Romania in partnership with ARMA (The Romanian Association for Audience Measurement) on 20 May 2015. Local and international experience merged to offer a complete perspective of the future of TV consumption, also looking at audience measurement solutions in response to industry challenges.

The conference began with presentations from Liliana Mihailescu, General Manager of Kantar Media Romania, Lucia Antal, President of ARMA and Keld Nielsen, Global Director of Audience Measurement at Kantar Media. Keld’s presentation focused on international trends and perspectives in TV audience measurement.

The conference then offered an opportunity for attendees to gain an understanding of audience measurement services operated in other markets, with Kantar Media representatives from Switzerland and Norway leading an interactive session. Details of new and updated services were also given, with a presentation about our Social TV service, the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, and an update on our new analysis software, developed to answer clients’ need to have access to audience data on the move.

The overarching message that came through the sessions was that the future is hybrid. The Romanian TV market is changing. The recent proliferation of mobile devices in close relationship with increasingly fast and easy access to the internet has had an impact on TV viewing behavior and consumption, although the television set still remains the main viewing screen within Romanian households. Kantar Media in its capacity as current and future provider of the National TV Audience Measurement Service in Romania is aware of these changes and ready to answer the future’s challenges.

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