25 Days of Data - Day 16

64% of Brazilians believe that music is an important part of their life.

For Brazilians, music is a part of life, whether it’s at parties with friends, or music to help them exercise or on the way to work and to relax at home.

Kantar IBOPE Media looked at just how much music influences the lives of Brazilians. Using TGI data, 64% of Brazilians agree with the phrase "music is an important part of my life" - an indication that music is much more integrated into a way of living. 

Among those who consider music an important part of life, 20% say they go to concerts. Of these, 76% attend shows, 55% go to outdoor shows and 48% attend stadium shows.

Music has the power to attract people in all media: 62% of Brazilians said they listened to music on the radio and the interest in music programming also comes to TV. In a survey conducted between January and August 2017, 72% of people watched at least one minute of music programming in the 15 metropolitan regions where the television audience is regularly checked by the company. This number is equivalent to more than 49 million viewers on open and subscription television.

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