25 Days of Data - Day 18

In 2017, Kantar Media released DIMENSION – a landmark study into the online behaviour of connected adults. DIMENSION explores the key communication planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the industry from the twin perspectives of the industry’s leaders and the consumers they are trying to reach.

The global study offers a transparent and comprehensive view on the challenges – and opportunities – created by the increased availability of data, automation and changing consumer behaviour.

Taking a deep dive in the UK, DIMENSION reveals that in the UK most consumers (60%) like, or at least tolerate, advertising generally.

High proportion of adults seeing the wrong ads at the wrong time

So far so good, but according to the DIMENSION 2017, almost three-quarters of these adults agree ‘Sometimes I see the same ad repeat over and over again it’s too repetitive’. In addition, 50% of these adult’s state that they often see ads online for something that they have already bought.

In terms of how this translates to taking action against seeing ads online, 19% of connected adults say they always use adblocker software, with a further 37% ‘sometimes’ doing so. Combined, that’s more than half (56%) of connected adults engaging in ad blocking.

Slightly older, heavy online purchasers are one of the key adblocker groups

In terms of their demographics, although gender is relatively balanced, there is an interesting fluctuation by the ‘life stage’ for UK consumers. Data from Kantar Media’s Q3 2017 TGI study into the behaviour and characteristics of British adults reveals that whilst ad blockers are 53% more likely than the average British adult to be in the ‘Flown the Nest’ TGI Lifestage group (age 15-34 not married/living as a couple, do not live with relations) and 27% more likely to be ‘Nest Builders’ (age 15-34, married/living as a couple, do not live with son or daughter), they are also 26% more likely to be ‘Unconstrained Couples’ (age 35-54, married/living as a couple not married/living as a couple, do not live with son or daughter).

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