25 Days of Data - Day 24

Kantar ‘Trust in News’ study reveals ‘mainstream news media’ reputation remains largely intact while social media and digital-only news platforms sustain major reputation damage as result of ‘fake news’ narratives during recent election cycles.

The reputational fallout of the ‘fake news’ phenomenon has been predominantly borne by social media and messaging platforms, and ‘online only’ news channels. Print magazines, at 72%, are the most trusted news source, closely followed by the other traditional outlets of print newspapers and TV and radio news. Only one in three recognise social media sites and messaging apps as a trusted news source (see figure one below). ‘Online only’ news outlets are trusted by half of the population, significantly less than their print and broadcast brethren. Interestingly, the online presence of print and broadcast media are trusted slightly less than the originating titles and channels.

Figure One

 This data first appeared in “Fake news reinforces trust in mainstream news'

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