Better digital targeting with TGI segments - TGI Ad-Vantage

Reaching predominantly offline-defined consumer targets online with effective programmatic campaigns can prove challenging for digital planners. Online behaviour alone cannot deliver a full picture of consumer behaviour and thus is not sufficient for building effective targets.

To solve this, we have partnered with data matching experts to create our TGI Ad-Vantage initiative, turning wholly or partly offline-defined consumer targets built from our in-depth TGI consumer behaviour data into the relevant cookies to reach these targets online.

TGI Ad-Vantage comprises two main solutions for reaching key consumer segments:

Custom Segments

The creation of completely customised segments from the TGI study, leveraging any relevant metrics. These segments are then data matched to generate the relevant cookies to reach them, which can be accessed through a DSP.

Pre-defined Segments

Choose from over 50 purpose-built segments that can be selected and managed directly through a variety of DSPs. These pre-defined segments are in key sectors, including automotive, technology, retail & shopping, demographics and finance. Segment examples include adults who frequent specific supermarkets, have an account with a particular high street bank, or use a specific mobile phone service.

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