Country Spotlight: Singapore

The Singapore market has one terrestrial broadcaster which provides seven channels of various languages and content, one established cable operator with over 130 channels, and a relative new IPTV provider that is gaining market share with 60+ channels. The market also has a variety of Internet TV services in place for catch-up viewing and video on demand (VOD) services.

How does it work?

VirtualMeter technology is installed on PC's throughout the home and activates when the audio card of the PC is used. The data for the Virtual Meter is processed and matched with the previous days broadcast channel and will be reported alongside the PeopleMeter ratings data.

The new five year contract awarded to Kantar Media last year by the terrestrial broadcaster, MediaCorp, will see the traditional PeopleMeter technology expanded to cover both the cable operator and the new IPTV service now in operation. The expanded PeopleMeter service uses the latest Audio Matching technology which incorporates time-shift viewing as well as source of signal data. In addition to these features, Media Corps new service also deploys the new Virtual Meter system across all homes in the viewing panel.

Television viewing isn't just about televisions anymore

In addition, Media Corp have commissioned Kantar Media to conduct a survey to track viewership using out-of-home and mobile devices, including mobile phones and other non-linear television viewing devices (iPads, games consoles and LCD screens in public places). Once combined with the electronic measurement components of the service it will form a powerful research tool for Media Corp to have a full holistic view across all their audiences.

Letting advertisers see the complete picture

Television continues to be the most powerful and effective medium in Singapore with growth in viewing still growing across the market. Singapore is no different to most markets in the world where we are seeing a range of alternative access points for viewership to occur. PC/Internet viewing, viewing out of the home and viewing on portable devices continue to give the consumer more choice in how they access their content. The new measurement service being deployed by Kantar Media in Singapore will take our clients further down the complete measurement path than ever before. Multiple measurement from the same home allows clients to report across platforms and give advertiser a more complete advertising effectiveness picture.

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