Eurovision 2017

As the anticipation rises for Eurovision 2017, Kantar Media takes a look at the different genres of music that the most upmarket fans buy and listen (we identify ‘upmarket’ here as belonging to the most elite 10% of adult consumers as defined by the socio-economic level groups on our TGI studies of consumer behaviour, which comprise a range of social and economic factors). 

Our top 5 findings are: 

  1. Latin music is popular in the Great Britain and Germany with the most upmarket Great Britain consumers twice as likely to buy Latin music as the average adult, while a upmarket German adults is are nearly five times as likely to purchase Latin music as their fellow countrymen 
  2. In France the most popular music purchased by the most upmarket adults is pop bands (24%) whereas in Spain 8% of upmarket adults buy music from previous decades, making that the most popular choice for this group.  
  3. In countries outside Europe, such as India and Brazil, locally produced music is the especially popular amongst the most upmarket adults – old Hindi songs (listened to by 31%) in India and MPB music (listened to by 48%) in Brazil 
  4. In Poland and Hungary, jazz is the most popular amongst the most upmarket consumers, compared to the average adult (funky acid jazz in Hungary) 
  5. Rock music is particularly popular in Brazil and Croatia amongst the most upmarket consumers, compared to the average adult. 

By understanding how consumers in different markets buy or consume to music, brands can develop campaigns that are personalised and focused on engagement. 

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